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My experiences restoring and playing with a 1960 Ford C-850 Fire Engine

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   Thursday, August 29, 2002
Slooooow times....
TXDOT still has my title in limbo so I can't get legal. I've been holding off on a lot of stuff until I can drive the beast to a gas station and get some gas in it. At this point I think I've evaporated more gas out of the tank than I've used.

Meanwhile, I've been enhancing my pumping knowledge. Here's a first pass at a schematic for the truck's pump. It's missing the priming components and the engine cooling, but that will come.

If it's too hard to read, you can go to yahoo by clicking on it and see the full size version.

My birthday is coming up soon and I want to move DeTruck back out in front of DeChurch and string it with Christmas lights. That should be fun and a good precursor to the holiday season where I plan to use DeTruck as a prop for various holiday decorations.


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Vital Statistics:
1960 Ford

534 cid
5-speed Gas
277 horsepower

27000 lbs. GVW

Young Fire Equip.

1000 gal. tank

500 GPM Hale
Midship Pump
Type QSHD-2,

Ferrell Fire Co.,
Ferrell, NJ

Buchanan VFD,
Buchanan, TX