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My experiences restoring and playing with a 1960 Ford C-850 Fire Engine

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   Wednesday, July 17, 2002
A Domesticated Truck
DeTruck is becoming a standard part of the home now. I have to move it fairly regularly to make way for access to the office at the back of our property. It actually fits surprisingly well in my driveway...

And the cat has accepted DeTruck as yet another item we purchased solely for her lounging pleasure:

The strong, yet friendly, front end of DeTruck is such a pleasant greeting outside our front door:

Our driveway is almost 80 feet long. It's quite possible to park all four of our vehicles in it. But it's quite a production to shuffle them all. There are days when I'm tempted to find out if DeTruck can push the other three out into the street (against their car'ish wills.) It is my hope to attempt to back DeTruck into the driveway for the first time this weekend. I'm sure truck drivers will laugh at my naivete, but you can't see a DANG thing behind that big fella. If I have to drive it often, I'm going to get one of those RV cameras that let you see behind you (and get a monitor in the cab to boot!) plus a backup alarm.

Excitement is building as the various fringe groups I interact with have begun to contemplate what we might do with a firetruck. If only the pump works....


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Vital Statistics:
1960 Ford

534 cid
5-speed Gas
277 horsepower

27000 lbs. GVW

Young Fire Equip.

1000 gal. tank

500 GPM Hale
Midship Pump
Type QSHD-2,

Ferrell Fire Co.,
Ferrell, NJ

Buchanan VFD,
Buchanan, TX