JAN '16
Check out my new book!!!!
Make:Fire The Art and Science of Working with Propane by Tim Deagan

Make:Fire The Art and Science of Working with Propane (Amazon.com)
Website up at MakeFireBook.com!

APR '15
In honor of the (soon to arrive) Handibot V1.1, I've taken some pictures of 'The Little Horrors of My Shop' before I have to reshuffle it for the Handibot.
The Little Horrors of My Shop

DEC '14- JAN '15
Lots of recreational programming going on!
OpenSCAD program.  The latest build over at Github has new proportional scalemarkers with numbering that I coded!
OpenSCAD Scale Markings
I've also been working on special cursors for rotating and translating with the mouse and setting the Windows Document Icon.  I've started on a couple of other issues as well.

This has been a great learning experience!  I've been working with SVN for years, this is my first foray into Git.  I LOVE it!  I'm also spending waaay more time in Qt and C++ than I'm used to as well as picking up some OpenGL!  Funny, in a lot of ways, the older I get, the faster I learn.  Or maybe time is just passing faster and I'm fooling myself.  Who knows!?!

For a lot of different converging reasons, I've been really interested in having an EKG setup at home.  I purchased one of the Olimex SHIELD-EKG-EMG Arduino shields and writing code to measure QTc with it.  I've got a GitHub repository and wiki up for my project: pyEKGduino.
pyEKGduino screenshot

OCT '14
Finally finished my leather messenger bag project!
Leather Messenger Bag Front Leather Messenger Bag Rear Quarter Leather Messenger Bag Top Leather Messenger Bag Flap Leather Messenger Bag Front Inside Leather Messenger Bag Inside Pockets

JUL '14
Just sent off to OSH Park for a run of the new BooshController PCB's Boosh Controller PCB Boosh Controller 4.1 Schematic

APR '14
We had a great time at Austin Mini Maker Faire! I had a blast as Fire Coordinator and learned a huge amount about getting Fire and Flame permitted by the Austin Fire Department! I also taught my Propane 101 for Artists and Makers Class and did a presentation on my big propane cannon project the 'BiGun'.

OCT '13
I had a great time at DreamForce 2013 giving a Developer Track Presentation on "Integrating SalesForce with BI and Data Warehouses"

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