I'm starting to work with the folks at ATX Hackerspace to build out metal casting capabilities and a series of classes on making torches, foundries and lost foam casting for aluminum.

Just sent off to OSH Park for a run of the new BooshController PCB's Boosh Controller PCB Boosh Controller 4.1 Schematic

We had a great time at Austin Mini Maker Faire! I had a blast as Fire Coordinator and learned a huge amount about getting Fire and Flame permitted by the Austin Fire Department! I also taught my Propane 101 for Artists and Makers Class and did a presentation on my big propane cannon project the 'BiGun'.

I had a great time at DreamForce 2013 giving a Developer Track Presentation on "Integrating SalesForce with BI and Data Warehouses"

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12 Reasons You Should Be Using OpenSCAD

Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014 - March 2014

12 great reasons you should bd doing your modelling for 3D printing in OpenSCAD!

Wireless WebCams From X10

Nuts & Volts Magazine - June 2001

Comprehensive review of the X10 Wireless Webcam package and it's suitability for hardware hacking.

Prosthetic Sarcasm with Emoticons for Speech

Nuts & Volts Magazine - October 2000

Description of micro-controller project building a wearable LED matrix and chord keyboard to display emoticons while talking to people. Very useful for those with a broken sarcasm system.

Taking Things Apart: The Joy of Microcontroller Disassembly – Part 1

Nuts & Volts Magazine - August 2000

This article will describe the basic concepts you need to understand how a disassembler works

Taking Things Apart: The Joy of Microcontroller Disassembly – Part 2

Nuts & Volts Magazine - September 2000

A PIC 16C84 Disassembler in Python - This month, write code to implement the functions described in Part 1.

Your Hottest Tool May Be ICE

Nuts & Volts Magazine - January 1999

Been drooling over the thought of owning your own In Circuit Emulation tool? Here’s one for under $130.00!!

Ease Your Administrative Woes with Transporter

Lotus Notes Advisor Magazine - February 1996

Review of the Transporter tool for Lotus Notes

Take the High Road to Notes Applications

Databased Advisor Magazine - October 1995

Review of Lotus Notes application development tool

Test Drives, Integrate Your Office with Notes

Databased Advisor Magazine - December 1995

Review of Lotus Notes integration product